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Circle of Respect

At the end of each day, New School faculty, staff and students stand in a circle in the campus courtyard. A single student, staff member, faculty member or guest volunteers to begin the circle by reciting the following;
30 years ago, a Native American elder named Andres Segura, blessed New School with incense and prayers. He taught us about the Circle of Respect. No one stands behind anyone and any member may speak. We ask for something good that happened today, and we nominate someone who has helped the whole group.
Did anything good happen today?
Nominated individuals step forward toward the center of the circle. The process completes when the volunteer circle leader asks the people nominated for having helped the whole group to vote for one another. The nominated person who receives the most votes begins shaking hands with each person around the circle until everyone has shaken hands with everyone else in the circle and the day is closed.